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Sealing eternal families in the Provo Temple

6 December 2014


Eternal Families
It's been a wonderful morning. We did sealings today [in the holy temple where families are sealed to each other so that if we are faithful to our covenants with God, our family relationships will continue for eternity].   There was such a great Spirit in the room. All those participating today were especially friendly and happy which made such a big difference to me. 

I really tried to put myself in the shoes of child being sealed to their parents (I think we all were because each time the sealer started saying the blessings the proxy for the dad would look at me and smile and then the proxy for the mom would do the same) and I felt so much love and perhaps caught a little glimpse of how amazing those blessings are. 

Elder & Sister Tom Taylor
on their way to Mongolia
I tried to picture how [our adopted cousins] Emma or Nauvoo felt [when they were recently sealed to their parents in the Nauvoo Temple] and of all the wonderful promises they now are able to be a part of. And of course I wore the special pearl earrings from you Mama and thought of our special eternal family :) 

Sister Romy on her way
to serve in Japan
I saw Tom & Katy Taylor this week! It was neat because I had received a note from Dad the day before saying there was a get together in their honor because they're leaving to serve in Mongolia. The next day I received a Christmas card from Hank and Colette Taylor and then at lunch I ran into Tom and Katy in the cafeteria and we were able to take a picture together. Tom told me he was posting it on Instagram. So fun! 

Please thank Hank and Colette for me and also Lisa Pearson who sent me a little goodie this week -- it's so nice knowing that people care and are thinking of me here! I also found Romy [who came to visit Palo Alto just before starting her mission to serve in Japan]!

Travel Plans
We got our travel plans! If all goes according to plan, we're leaving on the 16th! We were the first district in our zone to get them even though we haven't been here for the longest. No one quite understands what's going on with the visa situation, but for some reason we're fortunate because we get to go straight to Taiwan. Many districts before us were reassigned and are currently in the states and others had to stay in the MTC longer. But we were secretly happy about that because we didn't want any of them to leave or we'd miss them too much! 
It's also fun because now we get to travel together! We'll be in the same airplane and have a layover together in Tokyo and we'll stay in the mission home together for four days when we first arrive in Taiwan (everyone in my district except for Elder Chan & Marcelo who are going to California).

John 3:17
He is the Gift. If you haven't seen this short video yet, you can find it on and I love it! It's about Christmas and the true meaning of it and it's great. We watched it probably 20 different times last week and we have all the music and lines memorized.  But I feel of God's love every time I watch it so it never gets old!

Merry Christmas from our district

Bow Ties!
Sister Kwong's mom is an amazing seamstress and this week she sent about 30 bow ties she sewed for us and they're all fun Christmas patterns. So we've been having fun messing around with all of them! We even took a district Christmas photo in them :) 
Alligator skin cure

Alligator Skin Cure
Last little highlight is that one of the elders this week shared his coconut oil with us so we lather up everyday! It is so dry that we all have alligator skin and even some little rashes so we seriously treat this stuff like it's our baby... our teachers think we're a little too obsessed.

He's reaching out to us
D&C 88:63

"Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." 

This Christmas let's all try a little harder to come unto Christ. I know He's reaching out to us and wants us to listen. If we seek Him and draw unto Him, we'll find Him. That's a promise. 

Love you all!  Have a wonderful break and enjoy the Christmas season!

Sister Sinclaire Hancock

P.S. More fun photos:

"Cheers!" Elder Padilla left this week and I miss my buddy :(
We would go through on average 4-6 
bananas a day. Throughout the day we would go out into the hallway
 and yell down for each other to come out whenever we were ready for a snack "B
anana Buddy!"

Shenanigans--having fun :)

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