Monday, August 3, 2015

Repentance and charity; Vickie: a new beginning, a fresh start; my favorite dinner

Vickie: a new beginning, a fresh start 
3 August 2015

It was another good week! Started off with a TON of rain! I always love when it rains because it makes things exciting -- biking through the rain is always fun and so is proselyting. Sometimes it helps people want to let us in too because they feel bad for us, but not this time. 

Taichung East Zone Conference
Repentance and charity
On Wednesday, we had Zone Conference which I always look forward to. This time, instead of combining 2 zones like usual, it was just our zone. It felt really small but it was nice because it could be more interactive.

We talked about repentance. I enjoyed getting back to the basics. Even though it's a concept that most of us understand, there's so much that can be discussed and we each have such different insights that help strengthen each other.

The talk that we studied mentioned how service and charity can help us complete the repentance process and are the only way for us to "repay" the Savior. I really like this concept, that though we can't go back and undo the choices and mistakes we have already made, if we focus on service and charity, it is less likely that we will make those same mistakes again. 
Singing the Mission song together 
"And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins" -1 Peter 4:8
The Joseph Smith Translation of Bible corrects a word which makes this scripture's meaning more accurate--that charity will "prevent" a multitude of sins.

This is true. Charity will not necessarily "cover" our sins--we need repentance to overcome them and to be forgiven. But charity and service can help us let go of our mistakes and guilt and regret and move on with our lives.

Charity will help us to focus on others and to turn our thoughts towards happy things so we can forgive ourselves and be filled with uplifting thoughts and feelings.

Vickie: a new life
Vickie: a new beginning, a fresh start, new life
And then Vickie was baptized on Saturday, which was perfect because we could all see repentance in action! 

While teaching her, repentance was her favorite part. She loved the idea of second chances, a new beginning, and a fresh start. 

She was so happy on Saturday and she's so excited for her new life. 

She's already a great missionary too! I love how naturally it comes to her. While at English class, she invited all the students to come see her baptism and she invited her friends to come to her confirmation. on Sunday.

She loves giving and she's going to be an awesome member missionary! Yay for fresh starts! I'm excited for her new life.  I know good things are coming her way! 

Hope it's a fantastic week for everyone!

Sister Hancock

Delicious melon and fruit
Vickie's baptism

My favorite dinner:  bing and hong dou bing

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  1. Thank you for your insights on repentance and starting anew!