Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Miracle week, Huang jiating, Huang sisters, Family Mart family from China, Project Purification

Miracle tracting road
24 August 2015

Hello! It's hard to believe that August is practically over. 

Miracle week
The highlight of this week was meeting families. My and Sister Eo's goal for this transfer was to find a family who was prepared and willing to receive the Gospel. Families are really hard to find though! But we had a miracle week this week :)

Our recent converts, David and Vickie
Huang Jiating 
Normally on Tuesday, we have an exercise activity at the church and it's super fun. But the person who was going to attend with us cancelled at the last minute, so it turned out we had an entire night to tract. We had basically tracted the entire area and were about to bike to a new spot when we decided to try one last apartment complex. 

Usually apartments are trickier because you can't actually knock on doors.  Instead you have to just talk into a speaker so usually people hang up really quickly. We were going down the list and I pressed on #14.  I remember saying that we were the missionaries in the neighborhood and wanted to share a happy message with them and that it would only take 5 minutes.

I was really surprised when the lady on the other end said okay and buzzed us in. It's actually the first time this has happened to me since serving in Taiwan.  Usually if they hear your voice on the other end, they say they're busy or not interested--especially because they can't see us, so it's easy to say no. 

Beitun sisters we live with
We walked in and it turns out it was a Grandma with her 2 grandsons. Right after going in, the phone rang, so the Grandma was on the phone practically the entire time.

But it turned out that the grandsons were really interested! It was really fun teaching them because they are 2 brothers, and they're only 14 and 11. They're really smart and super curious.

And the next time we went back, their parents were home and so we could meet the entire family. 

The Dad especially is super open to us and invited us to keep coming back and sharing Book of Mormon stories with his kids.

Huang sisters
Last week's duanchuan (short-term missionary)
On Saturday night, we originally wanted to visit a member who hasn't come to church in years, but she wasn't home. 

So we looked next door and saw 2 sisters watching TV. We asked if we could come inside and share with them and they said yes. Turns out they're really sweet! 

The little sister is 9 years old and absolutely loved playing with us. We drew together and made animals out of her playdoh and shared a prayer with them. 

It was really awesome getting to know them and they said we could come back so we're going back tonight! They were really open to the things we taught them and when it came time for us to bike home, the little sister was clinging onto our legs and wouldn't let us leave!

Family Mart family from China
The last family we met was one that we met in a Family Mart (a convenience store similar to 7/11). We were actually walking out the door because we had contacted everyone else and none of them were interested, when Sister Eo turned around and pointed them out to me. We walked over and gave a sticker to the little girl and asked if we could sit down with them. 

Turns out they had just arrived from the airport from China, but they were the most golden family I've ever met! 

Without us even saying anything yet, the Dad told us that he prays every night with his kids and that no one taught it to him. Because there aren't churches for him to go to in China, he learned to pray by himself. 

He asked us to teach them how to pray and said he really wants to go to church now that they're in Taiwan. It will be a little tricky because they might be moving to America soon, but hopefully we can teach them before they leave!

I'm really excited to keep working with these families and see where it goes! I believe that God helped us find these families and that we are blessed for our obedience and faith in trying our best to follow His will. At the beginning of the month, we fasted about our goal to be able to find a family and it's awesome seeing Heavenly Father help us! 

Project Purification
In order to become more consecrated, I've started trying "Project Purification" which is where you write down little tiny things that you will or will not do and pray about them each morning and night so that Heavenly Father can help you reach your goals. 

I've felt that through these little changes I'm able to become more focused on my purpose as a missionary and become more consecrated and think about others instead of myself and I believe that when we try our best to be successful at this work that Heavenly Father will help us.
So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath, he cannot be my disciple.  Luke 14:33

All my love!
Sister Hancock

P.S. This week P-day will be Friday instead of Monday!

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