Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not in Taiwan yet, whatever's supposed to happen, faith in our zone

Last photo of our district all together
15 December 2014

Hi all!

Whatever's supposed to happen will happen
So I'm still not in Taiwan yet. We didn't get our visas, so our travel plans were cancelled. We were told that we would most likely get reassigned, but still no news for that either. One of the elders in our zone somehow called Salt Lake today and whoever they talked to said that we'll most likely be waiting it out in the MTC until we get them, possibly until New Year's Day. We're all hoping that's not what happens, but we'll see.

Everyone is anxious to get out because we want to start teaching real people and serving! But I know that whatever's supposed to happen will happen. 

A few of the districts in our zone are on week 11 now, so they're dying to leave, but we're all trying to stay positive and keep working hard. 

There sort of isn't a curriculum for us any more since we've all reached our 9 weeks now so that's interesting. Also, we're getting a district 25 A on Wednesday, but that's our district because we're supposed to be gone by then, so they're calling us Alma the elder and them Alma the younger. 

We also will most likely lose our teachers tonight since they have to keep up with the schedule and go teach the new districts. Oh, and we're moving buildings because there's construction in our residence so we're moving to a new building. It's sort of crazy right now! 

We're all packed and probably won't really unpack in case we get reassigned and told that we're flying to a state side mission with one day of notice. It's a bit hard not knowing what's going to happen and having the expectation that we would be flying to Taiwan tonight and then told that we're not, but it'll all be alright. 

Our zone
Faith in our zone
It's amazing how much faith is in our zone. We all believe in God's timing and that He's aware of what's happening right now and that it is all for a reason. So for now, our district and zone is getting even closer which is fun. And on the bright side, we're all going to get even better at volleyball! 

3 Nephi 11:7
My scripture for the week is 3 Nephi 11:7 

"Behold my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, in whom I have glorified my name-- hear ye him." 

I love reading this passage of scripture when the Savior visits the people in the Americas. I love how personal it is and how much He cares about each one of us. I love how Heavenly Father introduces his son. When I read this verse, I can't help but thinking how proud Heavenly Father must have been. I know how much I hope that my parents will be proud of me, and even more importantly, I hope that my Heavenly Father will feel that way about me one day, that He'll be proud of me because I have done my best to follow His will too. 

Thanks for all the support! It means so much to me!

Love you all and happy Christmas season! 

Sister Sinclaire Hancock

Elder Chan leaves tonight to Irvine, California and we'll miss him terribly! But here he is being a turtle

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