Saturday, November 1, 2014

In a land where llamas are abundant

love my district so much!

October 27, 2014

Hello my loves!!!

I'm always SO excited for p-day because I get to hear from all of you! But then it also makes me sad that I can't be with all of you and I only get to hear from you once a week :( but it makes it even more exciting. 

our classroom
Highlights from this week:

Still goin' strong

We have gym time every morning and I've started playing volleyball.  Most of you know this isn't really my thing, but I figure since I'm at the MTC no one can judge me and we don't keep score anyway so they can't get too mad when I miss it.  So far I've gotten one bloody nose and gotten hit in the head but I'm still goin strong! 

It's great to play after I run on the track--  it all clears my mind and gets me energized for the day. (Which is very necessary! My 10:30 am alarm is no longer. 6:30 am feels like the middle of the night for me!)

Autumn Pumpkin Soup
name tags for the 9 missionaries in my district

I had this the other day for lunch and it was probably the yummiest thing I've had so far here! It felt so fall. 

The leaves and all the colors against the mountains are absolutely gorgeous! More photos to come soon. The food is rough but this really made my day! Also we eat dinner at 4:30 pm which is crazy so we usually get really hungry right before bed.

District 25 will rule the world

My district is hilarious!  They're really starting to feel like my family.  Around 8:15 pm everyday we start to lose it. We're all exhausted and our brains can't really think in chinese anymore.  

at the temple with the beautiful mountains
So we'll usually watch one of Elder Holland's conference talks to re-motivate us, sing hymns in chinese, or ... my personal favorite...  We write a funny sentence on the chalk board and then Elder Hendricks reads it in his "movie voice".  I'll have to send you a video!  It's seriously hilarious.  He sounds just like a narrator from a documentary or something. He gets super low and serious.  

Last night's sentence was something like "in a land where llamas are abundant but baptisms are rare, district 25 will rule the world.  Meet the Mormons 2 coming soon to theaters near you."

Miss and praying for you all! 

Love, love, love,

Sister Hancock

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  1. Sister Hancock, your letters are great! I'm so glad you're making the most of your time in the MTC and that you are learning and growing! We're praying for you and know the Lord will continue to bless you as you serve your mission. Best to you!
    Lori Jones