Tuesday, August 11, 2015

fasting to teach a family, exchanges, Sunday baptism, hilarious game

Don't want to leave DaKeng!
10 August, 2015
DaKeng, Taiwan

Started off the week strong:

My companion Sister Eo
Fasting to teach a family
On Sunday, Sister Eo and I fasted together for DaKeng. We had a special goal to be able to teach a family. This is something I've wanted for my mission -- to be able to help an entire family, father, mother, and kids to find the Gospel. 

Monday night we didn't have anything scheduled so we decided to go power tracting. I actually think it's really fun! 

We planned lots of different approaches so we could go for 3 hours straight. But it turns out we found a family after knocking on only 4 doors. 

They let us in, fed us dinner, asked us about Joseph Smith, and by the end of the night we were singing hymns together! 

It was a really special night and a wonderful answer to prayer.

The daughter even came running with us the next day at 6:30 am! 

Happy birthday Sister Lin
On Tuesday, we had exchanges. It was really fun to be with Sister Bone. She's still in training, so it was cool to be able to do the 12 week program together. It felt like it had been a while. We talked a lot! It was a really funny 24 hours. 

After being companions with Sister Liu, I thought I never wanted another American companion again. 

But after being with Sister Bone I remembered how easy it is to communicate in English and how quickly I was able to get to know her because conversation comes so effortlessly. I guess Americans aren't too bad afterall... 

Twice in one day
On Wednesday, it was really really hot because it was right before the typhoon and rain was expected to come. Because I was back with Sister Eo, we had to get bing because it's what we always do together and we had to celebrate our reunion. About 2 hours later after biking in the blazing sun, we decided to get bing again for dinner. Usually we try to keep it to once a day, but Wednesday marked the first time we got bing twice in one day! No shame.

2 texts that made me smile this week:

Vickie went to Costco for us! She's the best! Haven't had Greek yogurt in so long! 

Also our elders are hilarious. For our meeting, they texted us to ask Sister Eo to give the closing prayer and me to perform a talent.  They tried to get me to lick my nose, lick my elbow, etc. but turns out I really didn't have any amusing hidden talents.

Yay Wang Jiating (Wang family)!
Sunday baptism
On Sunday, we had a baptism. Wang Jiemei was baptized a few weeks ago. Her husband was still working on getting over smoking, but he was baptized yesterday. 

It's so happy to see him join her and now their entire family has joined our ward! 

Recent convert Vickie with "Gospel Principles"
So happy to see Vickie and these Costco goods
Hilarious game
Afterwards we had FHE which was really fun. We played this hilarious Korean game that Sister Eo taught us where basically you can't talk the whole time and have to do all these actions. If you mess up, you have to sing a solo or dance in front of everyone. 

Our investigator is super shy and is one of those young teenagers who is still really insecure. So it looked like she was about to cry every time she had to sing but it was the funniest thing ever. I haven't laughed that hard in so long - we were all laughing so hard we were tearing up. 

Our duanchuans joined us about halfway through and since we couldn't talk, they had to figure out the rules themselves and had to learn the hard way and sing lots of solos until they finally understood what was going on. But I don't think the elders' poor duanchuan ever really got it, so he had to sing about 10 songs. 

Trio life
It's going to be a fun week! I'm excited to have a duanchuan with us again. Back to the trio life once more!

All my love!
Sister Hancock

Discovered Rabbit Rabbit restaurant last P-day

So dang good. The aftermath -- food baby :)

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