Saturday, February 14, 2015

Running lesson, new investigators, King of Heaven, farewell to Grampy

Running in the snow

February 2, 2015

Dear family and friends,

Still loving Moscow. Don't want to leave!

Frozen Yogurt?
We tried some new finding techniques which I think were a success. While driving home, we would find someone who was walking alone or maybe waiting for a bus. My companion would pull the car right up to them, and I would roll down my window and ask for directions to the nearest frozen yogurt place. They would give some long answer--pointing different directions, telling us to turn at the light after the hill, yada yada yada. Then we would say "Thanks so much. Sorry we're new in town. We're actually missionaries..." and that's where we'd jump into a Gospel conversation! 

Matching Outfits
Running lesson with Gene
This week during weekly planning, we made a different goal to find people for each day of the week. If you can't tell, it's been hard to find young married students. Most people aren't married that are young and if they are, they're already Mormon! So we've been getting really creative. We have some pretty cheesy lines that we've come up with and we even bought matching outfits today that will hopefully get some people to talk to us! 

Running Lesson
So we have an investigator named Gene S. He says he's mean. He's just very blunt! But deep down, he's considerate. We texted him asking when they would be free to have us over. His response "Charity's (his wife) out of town and she's the one who likes having you over, so maybe next week." We texted him back asking if he would meet us at the institute. His response: "No." We asked if we could bring a member to his house and suggested one of his friends and he still said no. After several attempts, we finally let it be.

He texted us Friday: "I actually found some free time. I run for an hour on Saturdays slow enough for most people to talk." So we went with it! Saturday morning came around and of course it was snowing. I've never run in the snow before so that was a new experience! We met at this beautiful arboretum on campus and it looked absolutely gorgeous with the snow. Sure enough we ran for an hour, and the entire thing was hilly, so we were panting trying to ask him questions about his Alma 32 reading... when we could catch our breath.

His response "I have enough faith in myself for the entire world." We're still working on him! But I definitely enjoyed the running lesson and we have our next set up with him for Saturday to join him for his speed training. Oh, I forgot to mention that he's a personal trainer and this hour run Saturday was his recovery day, so I'm excited to find out what we'll do with him for his speed day. Stay posted. 

With Sister Gillette, an awesome awesome sister in our ward
Pink Nikes
Another funny story:  we went straight from our run to the institute for a lesson with our investigator, Emma. We were changing quickly in the bathroom and I realized somehow I had totally forgotten shoes. All I had were my bright pink Nikes. So I taught an entire lesson barefoot then went to Bible Brunch without them too. I felt very unprofessional but people had some pretty good laughs about it, so I'm glad I was able to provide some entertainment :) 

New Investigators
We found new investigators! We were contacting on campus one day, which is super fun, but can be a bit tough. Usually people tell us they can't talk because they're on their way to class. Lots of people have headphones in too. So we walk around and try to decide who looks friendly and interested. It's pretty easy to justify not talking to someone. "They look scary, they look busy, they're in a rush..." or whatever it might be.

at the Bishop's home
We were walking by this one guy and I had a bunch of those thoughts. We were about to pass him, when I felt like I should really talk to him. So we did! And turns out he's super awesome and religious and just a friendly guy. During our conversation he slipped in something about his wife. This never happens! This means we can actually teach them! Usually we just have to pass them off to the other elders who are over the YSA ward.

Double fisting

So we met for the first time with Earl & Rachel on Friday and it was so fun! We all talked and got to know each other and then taught them the Restoration. They had a ton of questions.  Since they met at a Bible College in the wilderness in Montana, they're pretty set with their religion, but we had some really interesting conversation. It was super deep and they had good questions -- the type of things I love thinking about and discussing. I'm really excited to teach them again on Friday! 

Super Bowl at the Bishop's
And the Super Bowl was awesome! We're not allowed to watch it obviously, but the whole ward met at Bishop's house for Break the Fast and we had an awesome time eating and getting to know more members. (That's me double fisting)

Names of Christ

King of Heaven
Mama:  I'm really enjoying studying the names of Christ with you! I'm in 2 Nephi 25 now :) and really enjoying it. Each name is marked in the mini red copy of the Book of Mormon you gave me for Christmas.  It's so cool to see! So far one name that I've liked a lot is "King of Heaven" because we rarely hear that one. 

Farewell to Grampy
Sad news that Grampy passed away. I thought he would have a little longer, but I'm glad he didn't have to be in pain very long. I hope everyone is doing okay, especially Dad. There is much to learn from Grampy's sweet, humble example. All of our Hancock family will definitely be in my prayers. What a comfort it is to know that families are forever! 

Love you all!

Sister Sinclaire Hancock

P.S.  Here's a funny picture of the elders who are zone leaders. :)

Funny zone leaders

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