Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ke Jiemei's story, will you not accept God's help, 3 days, God's power, change and love, little miracles every day

Photos from the Mission President:  "Mission Leadership Council: Welcoming our newest mission leaders" 
2 November 2015

Hi everyone!

It was a great week. I realized that because I ran out of time last week, I didn't get to fully explain Ke Jiemei's story! 

Ke Jiemei's story
She met missionaries last year for the first time through our free English class and started meeting with them then and so had gone through lots of different missionaries and had dropped a lot of baptismal goals. She loves the Bible and studied it for 2 years with some Jehovah Witnesses so she knows it really well. She was good with all our doctrine, but her biggest hang up was giving up coffee. Everyone at her work drinks it so it was kind of a social thing for her and plus she was addicted, so she never hit her baptism goals because she couldn't get the strength to give it up. 

Then, Sister Wawro moved to Tainan about 2 weeks before I got here. It's funny hearing Ke Jiemei tell the story, but when Ke Jiemei saw Sister Wawro for the first time her initial thought was "Oh, she looks pretty and nice. I won't mind meeting with her." Little did she know! 

Will you not accept God's help?
The first time Sister Wawro met with her, she really caught Ke Jiemei off guard! She pretty much insisted that she set a new goal and didn't let Ke Jiemei talk her out of it this time. Sister Wawro told her that she could have a priesthood blessing and Ke JM tried to make some more excuses that were of no use. Eventually Sister Wawro looked her in the eyes and said "Will you or will you not accept God's help in your life?" 

Ke JM finally gave in. Ke JM walked out of that lesson saying to Sister Wawro "Laoshi ni hen xiong". (Teacher, you're aggressive/fierce/stubborn) 

3 days
Our elders gave her a wonderful priesthood blessing to help her be able to give up coffee, and the results were immediate! Though she had tried and failed countless times before, this time it worked quickly and smoothly! It was really special to see. 

She said that 3 days went by and she was confused because normally her co-workers would offer her coffee or tease her for trying to give it up, but none of that happened for 3 days. She said she could always smell it in the cubicles next to her and then she would have to go and drink it, but she didn't smell any of it for 3 days. 

Finally she couldn't take it, so she went and asked her co workers why they hadn't been drinking coffee like usual for the past few days and they looked at her like she was crazy and said they hadn't been doing anything differently and that they were still drinking their coffee everyday. 

God's power is real
I'm not sure how it worked, but God's power is real! She was able to give up coffee and is now a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has never looked back! 

Change and love, little miracles every day
I love being able to be a part of this work which is all about change and love. It's full of little miracles every day if we have the eyes to notice them.

Love you all!

Sister Hancock

It's been a seafood-filled week!

October 2015 Taichung Mission Leadership
Mission Leadership Council lunch at the Mission Home in Taichung 

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