Monday, June 8, 2015

Got my wish, left Qishan with a bang, English is no longer an option, leave this area better, so excited

Super excited to be serving in Taizhong!
Qishan English students at our last party
June 8, 2015

Hello loved ones,

Got my wish
Turned out I got my wish: I moved up north! 

I'm super excited to be serving in Taizhong [sometimes spelled Taichung]. It's a really fun change. 

Miss Qishan
It means that I'll no longer get to bike past the scenic rice fields and mountains of Qishan. 

I will miss so many people in Qishan.  We had our last English party.  Made delicious smoothies and had a 3-legged race.  I will miss my English students!!!

Goodbye Sister Price!

Left Qishan with a bang
True to our plan, Sister Price and I indeed had a bing-filled week.  I will miss Sister Price! Ate tons and left Qishan with a bang! 

And do you remember Lin Yu Jun?  She was the one who introduced us to Lin and Xie Jiemei, our cafe investigators.  Well, Lin Yu Jun chose to become a new investigator. Really exciting!

Lin Yu Jin, our newest investigator in Qishan
City Life
Now that I'm in Taizhong, I get to enjoy city life.  I already love it!

It's definitely not the countryside -- I practically feel like I'm in America again! It really messed with my mind when I first arrived. It's really different here! 

Next to the mission office
The area is no longer gigantic, and I'm right next to the mission office! So I'll get to see President & Sister Blickenstaff frequently and will get to work with lots of missionaries. 

We were in a rural area in  Qishan.  We had a little district [of 4 total missionaries].  Traveling to any meetings would require a full day.  

But here I'll get to know lots of missionaries and have a bigger district.

I'm now living in a 4-man. It was ridiculously messy when I walked in. Like scary messy! But it will be super cool to have 4 sisters all in one apartment! 

English is no longer an option
More exciting news, my companion is a Taiwan native! So English is no longer an option :) 

I'm going to have her work me over hard. I'm excited for the ways it'll help my Chinese progress even faster. 

Sister Liu--my new companion!
Her name is Sister Liu and she's from Taipei and she is tiny! Tiny. I thought I was short. But she's super cute! 

Leave this area better
We were working with a lot of investigators in Qishan.  Sister Liu told me there are literally 0 here. Which means lots of finding time. 

I'm excited for the challenge. I'm ready to get to work and try to leave this area better than I found it!

I'm excited for this week!  I'll give you more details about my new area and companion next P-day.  

Love you!
Sister Hancock

P.S. I get to go to the temple this week.  Wooo hooo!  So excited.

Being a missionary is TOO fun.

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