Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day, why God gave us families, knee pads, watermelon milk, power tracting

Ice skating with some new converts

I'm grateful for my father
June 22, 2015
Da Keng, Taiwan,

Hi loved ones!

Happy, happy Father's Day!

Sadly we didn't celebrate here because they celebrate in August in Taiwan, but I was still able to celebrate in my heart! 

I love my family
I've noticed that the longer I'm out on my mission, the more I love my family. It sounds a little ironic, because I haven't seen my family for a while now and I'm not able to talk to them very frequently. But it's mostly my attitude that has changed. Little tiny things that might have used to bug me seem so trivial now that I'm understanding how important families really are; they truly are the center of God's plan.

Why God gave us families
Preach My Gospel says it best: 
"Because families are ordained of God, they are the most important social unit in time and in eternity. God has established families to bring happiness to His children, allow them to learn correct principles in a loving atmosphere, and prepare them for eternal life. The home is the best place to teach, learn, and apply principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ." 
I know that's true. God gave us families so we can be happy and so we can learn correct principles in a safe atmosphere. I know they're the most important social unit and that we can be with our loved ones even after death. 

On this Father's Day, I'm grateful for my father who taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ: I've learned from him unconditional love, gratitude, hard work, patience, obedience, and sacrifice. 

I'm so happy to be a missionary and to try everyday to share these concepts with families in Taiwan!

Highlights from the week:
Covered in knee pads and elbow pads!

Knee pads
Last p-day was really fun! Went iceskating with a few of our recent converts!

So hilarious they take it very seriously here and cover you in knee pads and elbow pads!

"Normal" American burgers
Afterwards we went and got burgers. Maybe I've been in Taiwan for too long, but they tasted pretty "normal" American to me!

Watermelon milk
I don't know why I've waited so long, but this week I finally tried watermelon milk and it was delicious! So we got more! And we'll definitely be having lots this week too!

Power tracting
Decided to go tracting with the sisters who we live with. So we blocked out 3 hours of the day and went the 4 of us together. It was a lot of tracting! But it was fun being able to decide on a street together and divide up and go until we covered the whole street. 
Sister Liu and I like to wrestle!

We met some cool people! And also got rejected a lot! And got really sweaty!

This week is looking really good.

It's the busiest things have been here in Da Keng in a while. After calling tons of people, we got 5 people to set up appointments with us for this week. And we have some other people who said they would also schedule to meet with us. So I'm really excited that hopefully they'll become new investigators and we'll be able to start teaching! 

Happy Fathers Day! LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Sinclaire Hancock

Huang Jiemei from Qishan

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