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I will miss, one thing I admire, last week in Qishan, unconditional surrender

I'm so happy to be a missionary!
1 June 2015
Qishan, Taiwan

Hello everyone!

Found out officially that I'll be leaving my first area this week. My companion will be training a new missionary in Qishan, so I'll be moving to my second area (but I still don't know where yet).  It's a bummer that Sister Price and I only had 3 weeks together! We were having so much fun and we get along really well. But her trainee will be very lucky :) 

I will miss...
I will miss Liu JieMei
I will miss people I'm teaching.  One cute story: when we taught Huang JieMei about tithing this week, she had absolutely no problems! She said she would even give 30% to God and asked if there were any rules about limits for how much she could donate.

I will miss these members! It's such a special ward. 

And I will miss the beautiful Qishan mountains. 

But I'm excited to be able to get to know another area of Taiwan and it will be fun having a chance to start over again. 

One thing I admire
Had the chance to go on exchanges again for this transfer. The Sister Training Leader came to Qishan. She really is a good example of a "Preach My Gospel" missionary. 

She's really bold and one thing I admire about her is she knows how to take control of a situation. Often times when we walk into someone's house, there will be a baby crying, kids running around playing, the mom doing lots of dishes, the TV on, etc. She's very good about not being afraid and turning the environment into an appropriate setting for a lesson. 

Grateful for 3 amazing weeks with Sister Price
Last week in Qishan
For my last week in Qishan, Sister Price and I decided we're going to try as many drink shops and bing places as we can! 

And one day for lunch, we're not going to buy food, we'll just buy 2 things of bing each :) I can't wait! Diabetes here we come! 

We also made a goal we're going to focus especially on finding new investigators and try to have 3 by Wednesday. I can feel the miracles coming!

Unconditional surrender
This week I loved studying the talk by Elder Maxwell Swallowed Up in the Will of the Father. Talks about consecration are always so humbling because they help me realize how much I fall short! There is so much in this talk that could be discussed; Elder Bednar was accurate when describing Elder Maxwell as the "modern Isaiah." But this is my favorite line:

"Consecration thus constitutes the only unconditional surrender which is also a total victory!"  Elder Neal A. Maxwell

He is absolutely correct that our will is the only possession which is truly ours to give. Everything else that we own we have because of God, but the one thing that is unique to us is our choices, because God gave us the gift of agency. 

I love the idea of the "law of compensation." I've begun to experience it on my mission: I used to have the mentality that a mission was a sacrifice because it is optional, and that we would sacrifice our time and money and interests and basically put our lives on hold in order to serve. 

The longer I'm out, I've really learned that any little effort I have given, the promise in the scriptures is fulfilled, that I am blessed one hundred fold. 

Submission really does enhance our capacity for joy. 

I'm so happy to be a missionary! I'm grateful everyday to be having this experience in Taiwan and it's going by too quickly! 

Goodbye Qishan! 

Sister Hancock

Goodbye Qishan!

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