Monday, January 11, 2016

Biking at night, awesome to be Sister Beus' trainer, cozy train ride, experior, Wang Nai Nai, trial runs to discover truth

11 January 2016

Wonderful week! 

With the whole get up on for biking at night ;)
Awesome to be Sister Beus' trainer
Hard to believe I've only been with Sister Beus for less than 2 weeks. She's learning really quickly and her Chinese is improving so fast! It's awesome to be her trainer because she's really flexible and wants to learn a lot, so she's open to participating and being involved in every aspect of the work. 

Sister Beus--it's awesome to be her trainer!

This week I read a BYU Devotional that I really enjoyed. In fact I spent a couple hours just re-reading and thinking about the things the author talks about (probably because it was a little bit scientific and I haven't been in school for a long time!) 

Professor Jennifer Nelson, the author, is a chemist. So she talks about how her work in the lab has affected her perspective on the gospel, and it helped me to understand the Plan of Salvation through a new lens, and to just see things very logically!

Cozy train ride back from Taizhong

She talks about the words "experiment" and "experience" and how they're from the same Latin root, from the word "experior", which means to gain knowledge through repeated trials. That really is our purpose of life: to gain knowledge in order to change so we can become better -- even to become like Christ. 

Our cute recent convert, Wang Nai Nai
Trial runs to discover truth
Most people think of the word trial as something painful, and as different experiences we go through that we don't enjoy. But to her trial means an experiment repeated in order to learn something valuable. And that's really how we should view the word! 

She says "every experience in life can become another trial run, giving us power to discover truth about our lives and gain insight into how we can change to become more like the Savior." 

Unfortunately, I'm out of time right now but I'll share more about the speech next week! It's a good one :) 

Love you!!!

Sister Hancock

Christmas party with our English students

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