Monday, July 13, 2015

Mochi and red bean, 83, salsa chicken, duan chuan, a perfect moment

Sister Liu and me - having fun :)
13 July 2015
Dakeng, Taiwan

Hi everyone!

Here are highlights from my week: 

Mango bing
Mochi & Red Bean
Went back one more time to that all you can eat pizza place we enjoyed so much last time! We went with the Beitun sisters we live with, and 2 investigators. Unlimited pizza and ice cream! So yummy. 

But the best of all are still their dessert pizzas: apple & cinnamon, banana & marshmallow, peaches & blueberries, and mochi & red bean.

Had another record for people at English class! 83! 

It keeps getting bigger every week. I love teaching English class. I always look forward to Wednesday nights. it's such a great way to find people who are interested.

Salsa Chicken
Salsa chicken. That's right, chicken. 

Salsa chicken
I've gradually been becoming less and less vegetarian, but I think last week was the biggest turning point so far. On p-day, I voluntarily bought my own chicken and this week I tried mimicking one of my mom's recipes that I had never made before. It turned out pretty yummy!

It felt weird cooking chicken because I didn't really know how at first. I still refuse to touch it so I had my companion help me cut it up, but it was exciting!

Duan Chuan
We had a duan chuan with us this entire week, which was so much fun! 

A duan chuan is someone who is in high school and thinking about going on a mission. So they serve with missionaries for a week to see what it's like.

So she lived with us and did everything with us this week as if she was a real, full-time missionary. We had a ton of fun together and had a lot of really hard laughs. 

She's really sweet and I admire her desire to serve. I'm going to miss her a lot!

Sister Liu and me with our duan chuan (short-term missionary)
A Perfect Moment
A few weeks ago, while English proselyting, I was standing on the street giving flyers to people who walked by, inviting them to come to our free English class. A lot of people say "no thanks" and a lot take the flyer and smile and leave. 

But I remember one girl in particular: I handed her a flyer and she took it and walked away. I watched her walk away, but after a minute she stopped. She looked down for a few seconds, then turned around and walked all the way back to me and said in perfect English, "I will be there." 

A few weeks went by and I never found her. I thought maybe I didn't recognize her because I only saw her for a few seconds. But it turns out she had been going to the advanced class, so I never had a chance to find her. But I didn't forget that moment and really wanted to find this girl!

My view
Finally she came to our FHE activity with the Beitun sisters and she recognized me immediately and told me everything that had happened. It was actually really fun because after she told me what had happened, apparently I said "yay!!". And that's when she knew it was for sure me because she recognized my "yay." 

We met with her for the first time this week and she is so awesome! It was also really special because I was able to teach her in English which was a relief. I could really get to know her and understand her needs.

She's so excited to be baptized and she's so happy to have found our church! 

While talking with her outside in her backyard, there was a nice breeze and we were swinging in a chair.

It just felt like a perfect moment. We were both so happy and felt like we needed to meet each other for a reason!

Love you all!
Sister Hancock

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