Monday, July 20, 2015

Crazy how fast, senior companion, fish eye, halfway mark, so happy, ab ripper X, back of the truck

Goodbye to my trainer, Sister Biancardi
20 July 2015
Dakeng, Taiwan

Crazy how fast
Bye Liu Jiemei!
Well, it's the end of another transfer. Crazy how fast that happens! 

Move calls were exciting as always. We all sat by the phone waiting for it to ring to find out if we were moving, if we were where we'd be going, and who our new companions would be. 

Found out that I'll be staying in Da Keng, but Sister Liu is moving. It's a bummer we could only be together for 6 weeks because we had so much fun. But I'm excited for all that lies ahead. 

Sister Liu: laughing and love
I loved being Sister Liu's companion because we were always laughing. I loved her example of humility and how open and willing she was to express her feelings and love. 

Every night after saying prayers as we'd be falling asleep, we'd say "I love you" to each other and "sweet dreams." This small habit she had really blessed our companionship! 

It was especially cute because she would say it with an accent in English, and she would try to mimic how our voice gets higher at the end of the sentence. I will miss her! 

Senior companion with Sister Eo
But I'm excited for my new companion, Sister Eo. She's from Korea and just finished training this week, which means I'm officially going Senior Companion! And I'll also be her "breaker", which is your first companion right out of training. We're both pretty young still, so it will be a fun adventure. And Sister Graham has a new companion too, so there will be 2 new sisters in our 4 man. Lots of change! All very exciting.

Fish eye
Today was also a big day, because lots of missionaries are going home. I think 22 to be exact - one of which is my trainer, another my breaker, and my current district leader. I will miss them all!
I'm grateful for all that I've learned from them and I'm so proud of them! I even ate a fish eye last night to celebrate! And I only gagged twice, so I'm counting that as a success!

Highlights of the week:

Halfway Mark
On Wednesday, July 15th, I officially hit my halfway mark. Hard to believe! In fact I wouldn't have even known, but President told me during interviews. It's hard to believe I've been out for 9 months because I've only been in Taiwan for 4.

So happy
I'm so happy for all my missionary experiences so far! I can honestly say every day has been a happy one and that I've already seen so many blessings. There really is no more important work than this one. It's such a privilege to be even a small part of it. 

Truly precious
Everyone's mission is different, but I know everyone's mission is for them--it's exactly what they need. I'm grateful for the gift of missions that Heavenly Father has given us to be able to help us immature 18 and 19-year-old kids change and figure out what's most important in life and to be able to bring others unto this Gospel while converting ourselves along the way! It's truly precious to see how the Gospel changes people, and I think the biggest miracle is watching how it has changed myself, and changed things I didn't even know needed changing.
Trio life
Ab ripper X
On Wednesday, we also had our English party. I had a really fun time planning it and it was a success! We had an exercise party which was really cool. We played some silly games first, then split into 3 rooms and people did ab ripper x, Jillian Michaels, and T-25. It was so fun watching everyone work out -- Grandpas included -- and then we had TONS of fruit together afterwards. Over 80 people came! 

Back of the truck
Back to the trio life once again. Heavenly Father must knows  how much I love being in trios, because it keeps happening to me! Because Sister Carlson's companion is training, she stayed with us for the weekend. We had a really fun time the 3 of us and had fun staying up and talking. 

After dinner last night, Su Baba was super nice and drove us home so we wouldn't have to bike. He loaded our bikes into his HUGE fruit truck and we sat in the back with them for a super bumpy ride. It was so fun being able to look out the back of the truck and watch Taiwan as we rode by with the after-rain breeze on our faces. 

Riding in the back of Su Baba's truck -- watching Taiwan as we rode by with the after-rain breeze on our faces
Hope everyone has a wonderful Pioneer Day! 

All my love,
Sister Hancock

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