Monday, January 26, 2015

Blitz, snoring, panda-monium, 42 days

Celebrating Sister Huang's birthday with "Panda" hats
January 21, 2015

Dear loved ones,

Such a good week!!! 

Visit to McConnell Mansion,
a Victorian home built in Moscow in 1886 
I'm loving my mission right now. Things are so fun now because I finally know the area and I know the people and that makes the biggest difference. I always heard this would happen but I'm really starting to notice it now. 

Boy do I love my investigators! They're all so great and I'm so proud of them! Each one of them has something unique to teach me. 

We had a blitz last week. These are super fun! Basically we meet with all the missionaries who are serving in Moscow and go around campus and contact for about an hour and a half. It's fun going up and talking to strangers and just talking about deep things or religion about them. 

We met one guy named Roger from Brazil, and at the end we asked if we could say a prayer with him. He said it in Portuguese and it was such a sweet experience. At the end of the prayer I opened my eyes and his hands were reaching out to us because apparently he had been waiting for us to hold his hands the entire prayer. He also had his glasses off to wipe his face which had tears running down it. It's wonderful being able to meet such sweet people and to share powerful experiences with them! 

This is also where the hard part about missionary work comes in. We had an appointment with him, but he totally flaked. We texted him several times but we never heard from him and that can be disappointing for sure, seeing so obviously that they felt something and yet then life moves on and they become too busy to want to change anything. But I'm still grateful for that special experience we shared with him.

This week I'm sharing lots of photos--enjoy!

trying on hats at McConnell Mansion
Salads at Winger's
Funny story from this morning: Sister Huang is quite the snorer! We've laughed about this all transfer. It seriously is so loud! Sister Worthen and I so often will be up together in the middle of the night, banging the wall to try and get her to roll over so it will be quiet enough for us to fall back asleep. 

Last night I remember hearing "Sister Hancock" in the middle of the night, so I woke up and sure enough the snoring is super loud. Turns out Sister Worthen was having a dream that a baby was crying but was confused because when she woke up she still heard the baby crying. She rolled over and found out it was Sister Huang's snoring. Sure enough it really did sound like a baby crying! 

Pandas everywhere!
Birthday Panda-monium 
It was Sister Huang's birthday! We had quite the birthday celebrations. 

Because she is obsessed with anything pandas, we had tons of pandas that day! 

The elders were in charge of buying party decorations so it would be a surprise for her, so they got Mickey Mouse hats since apparently the ears look like panda ears? And they forgot glasses, so we each drank from a huge pitcher.

Sister Huang's party

Inline image 1Inline image 2 

We had a dinner appointment with the Hills and for dessert they made brownies shaped into a panda and we ate the whole pan :)  Then we had dessert at the Daltons and they also made her a panda cake! 



Chinese dinner at the Kailais
When we had another dinner appointments with the Funakis, Sister Funaki made a cake masterpiece--all homemade...even the pandas.  Seriously incredible.  Another night we ate a delicious Chinese dinner at the Kailais.  The ward members really do spoil us :)

42 days
Our whole mission will be reading the Book of Mormon, starting next transfer.  Our goal is to read it in 42 days. Joseph Smith translated it in about 65 working days.  Our study questions include: Could a man make this up? Or is this revelation from God, written by prophets and translated by a prophet for us today?  It's 13 pages a day--totally doable.  I invite you all to join!  

Sister Sinclaire Hancock

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