Sunday, October 11, 2015

One year mark, Sister Hancock times two, reunions, Christ's temptations (part 2), words from our prophets

How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!  Romans 15:10

4 October 2015
Reunited with a member from Qishan

It was another good week!

One year mark
We had interviews on Wednesday and talked to President about our own "vision, goals, and plans" for our mission and got his advice. On the 15th, I will hit my year mark since I started my mission. It's crazy to think about! 

Even though I miss America, I'm glad I still have 6 months left because I know there's still a lot that I need to change and work on and that I can become a lot better of a missionary with this time. 

Sister Hancock times two
On Friday, we went on exchanges. Exchanges are fun because you always appreciate everything so much more after they're over. There's so much to learn from other missionaries, but it is always fun to go back to your own companion and the way you are used to doing things. 

As always, we saw some cool miracles and met some awesome people together. 

Exchanges with Sister Hancock once again
It was fun because I got to go on this exchange with Sister Hancock. I had been on an exchange with her before, when we were both in training. 

Our Chinese has come a long way! And we have a special connection because we have the same relative :) It was also funny seeing peoples' reactions when they see our name tags are exactly the same.

Christ's Temptations (part 2)
As promised, here's a continuation from last's week message on Christ being tempted in the wilderness. 

So in the first temptation, Satan tempts Christ's power. In the 2nd temptation, Satan tempts Christ to tempt the Father. 

He says "If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down. For it is written, He shall give His angels charge of thee..." 

Satan tries to convince Christ to jump off from the high place where they were so that God could protect Him and send His angels so that He wouldn't die. 

Tu Jiemei visiting from Gaoxiong :)
There also lie many sub-temptations here: to test God's power, to doubt God's ability to save, fame, testing mortal capabilities, etc. If Christ survived the fall, it would clearly be something that people talked about because they would know He was not a completely normal mortal, then giving people a sign and making it then easy for them to accept Him as their Savior. Or, if Christ was saved by a miraculous rescue, people would know of His divinity. 

God alone decides how and when He will use His powers, which Christ was fully aware so once again Satan was not successful. 

In the last temptation, in a vision, Christ sees all the kingdoms and wealth of the world. 

Sister Howard with something we made
 to share our message about families
Satan offers: "All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me." 

Satan is tempting Christ to think about material possessions and to be selfish again. He also tempted the forgetful nature of mortals. Because Christ also had to pass through the veil of forgetfulness, it is likely that He didn't remember in His mortal state, that He actually created this world and everything on it, or else Satan's temptation offering Him the entire world would just be silly. 

At the heart of God's plan for his
children: forever families
But all of these temptations were legitimate, even though I used to think they didn't phase Christ at all. Even though He was perfect, He was capable of committing sin, though He never would. 

Hope everyone's able to keep studying this section in the New Testament-- there's a lot we can learn about Christ's nature!

Messages from our prophets
I'm so excited to be able to watch General Conference this weekend. (We wait a week because of the translations.) One of the new apostles--Elder Stevenson--is my Zone Leader's Dad. So that was cool! 

Hope it's a wonderful week! Love you!

Sister Hancock

We're getting really excited for our English
party on Wednesday.  It's Halloween-themed!

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