Monday, October 19, 2015

In love with Tainan, Lu Jiemei and Ke Jiemei, exchanges, Monsters Inc., Sister Wawro, such great blessings

19 October 2015
Tainan, Taiwan

In Love with Tainan
I'm in love with Tainan! 

It's a great area. There's a lot happening here and the ward is great! They're really willing to help us with lessons and have been super welcoming. 

So far, I've been most impressed by our Ward Mission Leader. He is on top of it! Really organized and knows our investigators better than we do! (Sister Wawro just got here about 3 weeks ago and then me last week...)  He made an entire binder of our area including maps, a picture of every family in the ward and all of the stuff he gives us has Chinese, English, and Roman Pinyin. Having a ward that is willing and ready to help is such a huge blessing!

Lu Jiemei and Ke Jiemei
Lu Jiemei's baptism
And it's been fun to jump right in! Lu Jiemei got baptized on Friday and she was so happy! .... This Saturday, Ke Jiemei is scheduled to get baptized. Keep her in your prayers! She just recently stopped drinking coffee... but she's totally prepared so I know she can make it! 

I'm excited for this week we're going on exchanges on Tuesday & Friday which is going to be super fun! It's fun getting to see other areas and meet more missionaries. 

Monsters Inc.
It's especially exciting because our apartment is getting fumigated early tomorrow morning so we had to pack everything in our apartment into huge garbage bags and tape everything so it's all completely covered. It's actually pretty ridiculous--apparently there's some serious sickness going around from the mosquitos in Tainan, so the mayor is making every house get fumigated. Just picture Monster's Inc.:  full on suits, gas masks, huge sprayer things... I'm not exaggerating! It's pretty hilarious. But hopefully that will kill all of the cockroaches in our apartment once and for all :) 

Sister Wawro and I started off
our first day together with Coldstone's!
Sister Wawro
It's awesome serving with Sister Wawro. I feel like we're powerful, the two of us together. We're really focused on our goals and we enjoy working hard together. 

We contact effectively together and at the end of a contact, we can always look at each other and honestly say that we tried our best.  And that there was nothing more we could have done--that the person made their own decision and it wasn't our fault or because of any lack of effort on our part. 

It can be disappointing, testifying and testifying and promising that we can help these people become happier and just seeing them not understand, or not be willing, but it's okay. I know there's prepared people in this area, we just need to keep finding them. 

Such Great Blessings
Our queen-sized beds!
I came across this scripture this week during personal study, and it expresses my current feelings perfectly:
"My brothers and my brethren, behold I say unto you, how great have we to rejoice; for could we have supposed when we started from the land of Zarahemla that God would have granted unto us such great blessings?"  Alma 26:1
Our lives are full of rich blessings from Heavenly Father, a loving God who is eager to give us everything that He has. 

I feel so lucky to be serving in this area and I'm excited for the miracles that are coming our way! 

I'll keep you posted on them! 

Sister Hancock

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