Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm alive...but I'm also doing really well!

the MTC!


Dear family,

Hope all is going well at home! I'm sitting on my bed now writing to you after my second day at the MTC!  It's going well so far!

I've been very impressed at how organized everything is; they have this place down to a science but at the same time it feels very personal.  On the first day everyone who walked by yells "Welcome to the MTC!" because we wear a red dot on our tag on the first day.  Tons of people came up and introduced themselves and tried to get to know me.  And tonight the entire MTC presidency came to our classroom to get to know us and also "assign" people to do stuff.

It's amazing how much I've learned already--both the language and about the Gospel.  And it's only been 2 days!  I love everyone I've met so far.  It's incredible how much people want to serve and how brave people are and how hard they work and how much they love their Savior.

I was instructed to write to you tonight to tell you I'm alive, so there's that, but I'm also doing really well!  It's challenging for sure, but it's good and I know I can do it.  Let me know how everything's going at home!

All my love,
Sister Hancock

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